Repair Experts

Oriental Rug repair specialist are hand picked from many highly qulified expert craftsmen in the field.

Even thought the art of repair has remained the same in many centuries, The Oriental Rug Clenaing and Services incorporate the latest technics and the ways of repairing oriental rugs in ever training session. All of the repair artists are armed with the latest knowledge in the field. You will be rest assured that you will be getting a leading service in the industry.

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"Does your rug represent the realization of your dream as a collector or a treasured family heirloom or as an investment in its beauty or value? If you've answered "yes" to any, doesn't it make sense to protect its sentimental or monetary value with proper cleaning and care?"

Because each cleaning and/or restoration is unique, we offer customized quotes for each antique, hand-knotted, silk or wool Oriental rug cleaning project.

From Persian to antique, we have a proud family heritage backed by three generations of rug makers and area rug cleaning professionals.

We're proud to offer this exclusive cleaning service that allows our clientele to receive the quality care their rugs need - and to receive it conveniently; that is the main reasonn that we provide a complimentary pick-up and delivery.

Our Service Advantages

The following is the short summary of the advantages that our service provides for our clieantele: Specialized, personalized and attentive service backed by decades of experience in cleaning handmade, hand-knotted, luxurious wool, silk or other rugs. Protection of your investment whether it be a family heirloom or collector's Oriental rug. Cleaning without concern for your safety. No employees will come to your home. Your area rug will be cleaned, repaired or restored on our own premises using state-of-the-art equipment and time-proven methods.


Your Oriental rug will undergo a 7-step inspection process and 6-step wash process - ensuring a careful and thorough job. Cleaning of Oriental rugs is always timely and to your complete satisfaction or your money back. All delivery arrangements - to and from our facility are complimentary with our service.