Our Process at a Glance



If you think vacuuming is all it takes to rid your rug of dust, think again. Not even the strong commercial vacuums can successfully remove dust. Recognizing the fact that dusting is the most important step in the cleaning process, we use a procedure that has, for many years, proven to be the most thorough in dust removal: rug beating.


The second step in our process is a thorough shampooing of your rug using specially formulated, non-bleaching mixture. Mild, natural cleaning agents deep-clean your rug right down to the main portion to make certain that more than just the refuse has been treated.


Many companies think steam cleaning is the solution to rinsing. Unfortunately, steam cleaning often fails to remove the soap residue left by shampooing. Ultimately, even more dirt is attracted to the rug. At Oriental Rug Cleaning, we purge your rug in clean, cold water, assuring that it is as clean as possible.


Using a few technological improvements, we dry your rug the way they have been dried for centuries. We hang it from our climate controlled warehouse and allow it to dry naturally. Doing so, eliminates shrinking and assures that your rug will retain its true shape. Then, before your rug is returned to you, we put it through an individual quality control inspection.

Our Philosophy

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  • Science

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